Corset Making

Corsetry Busks, Boning & Various Supplies

We offer a vast selection of corset making supplies, all created for the utmost durability. If you’re looking for corset boning, our selection includes both spiral boning and spring steel boning as well as a variety of superior plastic corset boning well suited for your projects from hat making (millinery) to corsets or children’s costumes. Our Corset making kits take a lot of the guesswork out of your corset project. The kits include necessary corset making materials; corset fabric/ coutil, corset busks, and corset lacing and corset lacing tape (so you don’t have to set grommets), as well as any additional supplies and materials.

Need help figuring out how to choose which bones to use? Watch this video or read this article found in our Blog Posts. Another Blog Post helps those who have never made a corset before. What you need to know to make your first corset.

We also have a Corset Class on the Craftsy platform - check it out! Corset Making Class