Corset Kits

Ordering corset making supplies can be confusing, especially if you've never done it before or don't do it often. Farthingales has created some Corset Kits to make it a bit easier. Most of the kits contain only the corset "software"; the textile pieces as opposed to the corset "hardware" like bones and busks. 

The general Corset Making Kit includes enough product for almost any over bust corset in almost any size while the Corset Making Kit X ...includes a bit more product. Both kits consists of coutil, bone casing tape, ribbon for binding and creating a waist stay, corset lacing and lacing tape. The lacing tape means you don't have to set grommets! You just sew lacing tape on. Instructions for using lacing tape are included in those kits that include it.

More kits coming soon.

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