Corset Making Kit - Beige, no bones or busk

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This is a general supply kit of soft corset making supplies, that can be used for almost any corset and almost any size. It's a great place to get what you need...when you're not sure what you need.

This corset kit includes:

  • 1 meter of herringbone coutil (approximately 140cm/ 54" wide)
  • 1 meter of lacing tape - so you don't need to set grommets!
  • 5 meters of 24mm wide Petersham ribbon (enough for binding the top and bottom edges and for making a waist stay tape)
  • 5 meters of 1/2" bone casing tape
  • 10 meters of double faced satin ribbon for lacing

NOTE: materials are a mix of beige and white.

This will give you all the software you'll need. For hardware...

Choose a busk from our busk selection and choose bones from any of our bone categories. New to corset making? You may want to start with synthetic whale bone German Plastic - it's great for corset making as it's strong and durable but you can cut it with scissors.

Don't have a pattern? You'll find some in our Corset Pattern section

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