Garter Making

Looking to make your own garters? Our selection of garter making supplies includes everything needed to make a set of garters. First, a lesson in "what is what" when it comes to the essentials in making garters:

  • Garter "grips", garter "tabs" or garter "suspenders" are used to grip the stocking, they are the end piece of the garter which actually holds the stocking and consist of a metal or plastic loop and a rubbery knob. "Grips" can be regular or "convertible"/ "detachable"; the detachable ones can be removed easily so they don’t go through the laundering process.
  • Garter Links connect the garter to a garter belt or corset with garter elastic, are made of plastic or metal (we only stock the nickel free metal links) and their purpose is to "link" the garter elastic to the garment. These too are detachable, which allows the elastic and garter to be removed.
  • Garter Slides/ Garter Buckles are created to adjust the length of the garters, made of nickel free metal they look somewhat like a flattened figure eight; their function is to make the garter elastic or garter ribbon adjustable in length.

 The grid behind each item is made up of 1/4" squares (6mm).

Our Blog Post on How to Make Garters offers a step-by-step guide to DIY garter creation.