Belting is a stiff and sturdy woven tape used for waistbands and covered belts.This durable, 100% polyester ribbed ribbon is not for millinery use as it is not flexible enough, but it is the perfect product for waistbands that need to support heavy skirts. Remember "Panda Petersham Belting" from years ago? This is very simila though not quite as stiff. Call it "waistband petersham" or "petersham belting", it's the same thing. Choose from two sizes: 25mm (1") petersham belting or 38mm (1 1/2") petersham belting and two colours black or white (both with grey stripes along the edges). Note: this Petersham has a selvage so it will not curve the way ribbed edge Petersham will.
Sold in pre-measured amounts.Choose your quantity; you can add more than one amount top your shopping cart but it will come in more than one piece.

1 meter is approximately 3" longer than a yard so if you need one yard, just order 1 meter. Order 25 meters and save 20%.