This is a group of products offered as an alternative to grommets and to serve the same purpose. Washers are sold separately on this page, but we highly recommend the use of washers no matter what you are using the eyelets for, as they help to secure the eyelet in the hole of the fabric. These washers are made of aluminum (they will not be affected by perspiration). Eyelets will look and feel different than grommets when set. Grommets set very flat and a bit wider, eyelets set with more 3 dimensional shape and are marginally smaller in diameter. Eyelet holes are comparable to #00 grommets in size (which has a hole diameter of 5/32" (4.5 mm) when set). Eyelets and grommets cannot be set using any setter but their own ie. You cannot set an eyelet with a grommet setter at least not adequately. You may want to check the Grommet page to see other options.



Flange Diameter = 10mm (.390" or 25/64"approx.)

Length Under Flange = 4.3mm (.175" or 11/64" approx.)

Outside Diameter = 5.5mm ( .227" or 13/64" approx.)


54-8600L-   (the "L" stands for long shank)

Flange Diameter = 10mm (.390" or 25/64"approx.)

Length Under Flange = 5mm (.1875" or 3/16" approx.)

Outside Diameter = 5mm (.1875" or 13/64" approx.)


Wondering how to set eyelets? Read our blog post on How to Set Eyelets.