About Us

Farthingales has been in business since 1998 (25+ years!) and we've been an on-line business the whole time! The name was taken from my daughters costume book (she was 8 at the time). She thought it was a pretty word and it happened to reflect what the business was about. A Farthingale is the understructure that created the shape of Queen Elizabeth the 1st skirt. And Farthingales the business focuses on products that create structure for costumes.

Farthingales is located in Stratford, Ontario Canada, but does not have a retail location. All orders are shipped from this location.

There is usually someone in the office between 8:00 and 3:30 Eastern Time, but as this is a one person business I sometimes work from home - where I don't get e-mails. And...I am Linda Sparks.

Shipping occurs every Tuesday and Thursday (unless these days are govt holidays). The truck typically picks up around noon.




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