Horse Hair Crin

Also known as crin, horsehair braid is no longer made of horsehair but of polyester.
It is used for supporting other fabrics. Most typically it is used to support hemlines of dresses, particularly long dresses; by using horsehair braid the hems keep their shape and the skirt will hang better. These products can also be used to support fabric in other areas as well as for millinery. A milliner I know says they make rather attractive hat trimmings when used on their own, particularly the white braids, which can be used effectively on bridal head pieces. They can be applied to small hats like a "pill box", inside the band to enable the wearer to anchor the hat to her head with the use of bobby pins. With so many fashionable little head pieces today it's great to know how to help keep them on a head.

We stock both tubular and flat crin and the flat comes in two weights, regular and stiff. The regular is suggested for light fabrics while the stiff is suggested for heavier fabrics and for stand-alone trims.

We only stock black and white crin but you can dye it using a dye for synthetics.