Return Policy

We have a strict Return Policy. We don't accept returns unless we have shipped you the incorrect item If we ship you an item you did not order - we take full responsibility for shipping you the correct item at no cost to you.

Please contact customer service for more information on returning an item, do not just send it back, especially if you are not shipping from within Canada. Doing so will NOT guarantee a credit. You can e-mail us about returns at please include the Invoice number. If a return is authorized it may face a 20% restocking fee and cost of shipping back to us may be at your cost.

We do not accept return of any tools - this policy was developed due the high number of people buying a tool, using it for a project and returning it when they were done.

Items purchased from the "SALE" page cannot be returned.


Facebook Post - Return Policy

I'd like to take a moment to explain the Farthingales Return Policy. To keep it simple, we don't take returns unless we shipped the wrong thing - in which case we take full responsibility and cover the cost. We cannot afford to cover the expense of your error. To do so would mean increasing our prices which hurts everyone.

Often we've cut goods to your specifications, so they are not necessarily a length someone else needs and storing bits becomes a space issue.  We used to accept returns - in the old days. It was amazing how many people would return a grommet setter and hole punch a week after they got it, and the tools had clearly been used. We cannot in good faith then sell those tools. It was always most prevalent before a big costume event (funny that).

If we bend the Return Policy rule for you out of kindness or pity (don't count on either) and say "Okay, send it back." (at your own expense and there may be a restocking fee, because it does take us time to deal with the paperwork) please return it soon, not in a couple of months. If we agree to an exchange and ask that you place an order for what you really do want, please place that order when we ask. If we receive your item back, but have not received your new order - we can't ship out to you. We then have to send you an e-mail and "chase you down" and that means extra time for us and as we have all heard "time is money". We need your new order as part of the paper trail (and so that we have - in your "writing", what you want). We pull the new order, then as soon as we receive your returned item the new order goes out with credit applied for the item returned. We don't have room to leave your return sit here until you get around to placing the order for that item that you were desperate for.

If you're getting the picture that returns are a hassle on many levels then I've written this well. We are getting less and less inclined to make exceptions to our Return Policy which is stated on our website.
SO.....Take your time when you order.
Don't expect to return tools or products that have been cut to order. We will not take those back under any circumstances.
If we make an exception and agree to exchange or accept a return, be considerate and follow the instructions we give you in a timely manner. We try to process orders quickly so that your order gets shipped when the next truck comes - this is our focus. We're not trying to be mean, just efficient and cost effective.