Bone Tipping Tools

An easier way to finish the ends of corset bones is to use a specially designed tool.

In years past we sold a large arbor press with metal dies that could cut steel bones and set the "U" tips on the ends securely. The dies were hand tooled and the arbor press was heavy, this meant the tool was expensive to buy and expensive to ship. Costs escalated to the point we could not afford to stock the product.

We have developed a new product that's much more affordable but, unfortunately does not cut any bones, however it does an awesome job of applying "U" tips with no struggle and no need for glue or messy dip. Please be aware these dies were designed to fit the products (bones and tips) that we sell, they may not work on products from other sources and using them on incorrectly sized products may break the dies.

We've created special dies that fit pliers you may already have, among your sewing tools!

Using these pliers takes surprising little effort. If you have one of our eyelet setting - hand press tools then you can order the bone tipping dies that fit it and save your hands.

To find out how to use this tool read our Blog Post