Hooks & Eyes

Use hooks and eyes on a corset when the busk is not quite long enough, simply add a hook and eye at the bottom. Or use hook and eye tape for other projects; so much easier than sewing them on by hand. The grid in the images is made up of 1/4" squares.

Some hooks and eyes are pre-set on cotton twill tape. The hooks and eyes are riveted into the tape for added strength. These are not tiny bra type hooks but large corset type hooks, which are very strong and not pretty. They are designed to function. Hook tape and eye tape are sold separately. We also stock loose hooks which are the same type as the tape they are listed with.

Alternating hook and eye tape is available in the same quality as above; large riveted corset hooks on strong cotton tape. There are two differences, the most obvious is that the hooks and eyes alternate on the same piece of tape. This is the best product to use in dance costumes as there is no way they will come undone during a particular move on stage. The second difference is the shape of the hooks; these are corset style with rounded hooks and triangular eyes.

Hook and eye tape may seem costly but think of the time it saves - no measuring to get placement and no hand sewing of each hook and each eye.

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