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The printing company for most of our pattern suppliers closed in 2022. If you see "out of stock" on any of these patterns, click on it and you'll find details and a link to the suppliers website and their downloadable versions of the pattern.

We've written abut our experience with some of these patterns, in our Blog Posts


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Pattern, Hoops & Bustles 1856-1889Pattern, Hoops & Bustles 1856-1889
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Pattern, Round Cage Crinoline 1860
Pattern, Elliptical Cage Crinolin 1865 one size
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Pattern, Victorian underwear (2 corsets)Pattern, Victorian underwear (2 corsets)
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Pattern, Dore Victorian underwearPattern, Dore Victorian underwear
Pattern, Underbust corset, men's & womens
Pattern - Regency Era Corded Corset w/Corset & ChemisePattern - Regency Era Corded Corset w/Corset & Chemise
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Pattern, 1880's Late Victorian Corset
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Pattern, 1903 Edwardian Corset
Pattern, 1903 Edwardian Corset Sale price$16.00 USD
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Pattern, Edwardian Underwear
Pattern, Edwardian Underwear Sale price$16.00 USD
Pattern, Waist Cincher size 18-26
Pattern, Waist Cincher size 28-36Pattern, Waist Cincher size 28-36
Pattern, Waist Cincher size 38-44Pattern, Waist Cincher size 38-44
Pattern, Under-Bust Corset size 18-26
Pattern, Under-Bust Corset size 38-44
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Pattern, Silverado Victorian underwear
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Pattern, Panniers 1720-1780
Pattern, Panniers 1720-1780 Sale price$8.00 USD Regular price$16.00 USD
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Pattern, Cowgirl - 1890'sPattern, Cowgirl - 1890's
Pattern, Cowgirl - 1890's Sale price$11.00 USD Regular price$16.00 USD
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Regency Slip Dress PatternRegency Slip Dress Pattern
Regency Slip Dress Pattern Sale price$23.00 USD
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Late Edwardian Corset PatternLate Edwardian Corset Pattern
Late Edwardian Corset Pattern Sale price$16.00 USD