Eyelets, BLACK size 00

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Black painted eyelets size 00 - sold by the gross (144 pieces)
These eyelets painted aluminum (they won't corrode). Eyelets are much like grommets. If you want washers you need to order them separately. Please note the eyelet
washers are aluminum, they do not match the eyelets however they will
never corrode.

Eyelet diameter 11mm, hole 4.5mm, shank length 4mm

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Marsha Lawrence
A waste for occasional corset makers

These eyelets require a high-priced setter that are only available from one source. Without the special setter, these eyelets are unusable. It's not worth investing that much in a tool that I might use once every couple of years. This might be worthwhile for high volume producers who will get regular use out of the tool, but not for the hobby sewist. REPLY: Farthingales offers a variety of eyelets and grommets so that you have a choice - what fits your need and what fits your budget. Eyelets and grommets are not "universal", you will almost always need the tool that was developed by the same company that made the grommets/eyelets, in order to get a good set because the tool has to fit the grommet/eyelet exactly. We do offer grommet setting kits for less than $30.