Bone Casing Tape - Black 1/2 inch (14mm)

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100% cotton bone casing to keep corset bones secure.
Bone casing tape looks like a ribbon, but is actually a flattened tube, into which a bone can be slid - after the casing is sewn onto the garment. 

Made in USA

Check out the bones listed above - they fit this bone casing tape. Sew a line down the middle of the casing and use 2 4mm bones; on on each side of the casing.

25% discount on full roll of 45 meters

Customer Reviews

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Good quality and soft, will definitely buy again when the time comes

Matthias Remillard
Wonderful for corsets & cage crinolines

I've used this bone casing tape now in two different applications, one for boning a straight-fronted corset and the other for making an elliptical cage crinoline. It fits 1/2" hoop steel snugly, but isn't quite wide enough for two 1/4" bones side by side--wider tape would be needed to accommodate two bones and a line of stitching down the middle. I love this tape for how easy it is to use and how incredibly sturdy it is! I haven't had any issues at all with sharp boning edges ripping it or with close, tight stitching pulling through it. Great quality boning channel tape!

Marsha Lawrence
It works

It matches the coutil perfectly and saved me a ton of work.

Richard Crossman
Bone casing tape, black

Great product