Synthetic Whale Bone 10mm wide

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SKU: 91-8145-10-5M
5 meters
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SKU: 91-8145-10-10M
10 meters
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20 meters
$48.00 3
SKU: 91-8145-10-50M
50 meters
$108.00 47

This 10mm wide (approximately 3/8 inch) synthetic whale bone is a bit thicker than our other synthetic whale bones at 1.5mm thick.

A light weight but supportive boning, this synthetic whale bone is a good choice for many corset styles. It flexes forward and back, but not side to side. It's best to cut this boning with tin snips - I have difficulty cutting it with scissors, and you cannot sew through it.

A 10% discount has been factored into the price of 50 meters.