German Plastic bones 7 mm (5/16 inch)

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5 meters
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10 meters
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100 Meters
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German Plastic Bones can be sewn through and cut with scissors, but they are quite durable and this size can be used for light weight corsets.
This boning is 7mm wide and 1mm thick. We sell over 6,000 meters of this boning every year!

A 20% discount is factored into the price of 100 meters.

If you are a larger person you may see better results with the 11mm wide German Plastic Bones.

German plastic bones are made of 56% polyethylene and 44% polyester.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

They were pretty easy to cut and are perfect for my project. I'm already ordering more since I underestimated how much I needed

Katelyn H.
Great alternative to whalebone

Flexes and moves just like whalebone (I am familiar with the original stuff) but no whales were harmed in the making of this. Easy to cut with regular scissors and don't really need tips to keep from poking through.

Vicky Taylor

I absolutely love working with these bones, even more than steel! Easy to cut, use and no broken needles! Definitely recommended, for that "whalebone" feeling :)

Strong and Lightweight

Worked excellent in my corset, perfect for what I needed. Strong and easily shaped with an iron. Initially I was worried that the bones would be ridged based on the striped appearance in the picture, but this is not an issue; the bones are smooth and rounded.

Elizabeth Cameron
Easy and strong

While normally I would not put plastic boning in a corset I am only ever going to wear this for 2 days and wanted to be mildly comfortable. So much easier to work with than metal it was simple to cut and slip inside I was very pleased and it is surprisingly strong now that it's in place.