German Plastic bones 7 mm (5/16 inch)

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SKU: 50-8125-07-5M
5 meters
$6.00 7
SKU: 50-8125-07-10M
10 meters
$12.00 8
SKU: 50-8125-07-20M
20 meters
$24.00 2
SKU: 50-8125-07-50M
50 Meters
$60.00 1
SKU: 50-8125-07-100M
100 Meters
$96.00 34

German Plastic Bones can be sewn through and cut with scissors, but they are quite durable and this size can be used for light weight corsets.
This boning is 7mm wide and 1mm thick. We sell over 6,000 meters of this boning every year!

A 20% discount is factored into the price of 100 meters.

If you are a larger person you may see better results with the 11mm wide German Plastic Bones.

German plastic bones are made of 56% polyethylene and 44% polyester.  

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