German Plastic bones 13 mm (1/2 inch)

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German plastic bones can be sewn through, but they are quite durable and this size can be used for corsets. You can sew through these bones by machine, but you will hear a lot of noise when you do. Be sure to use a strong needle like a denim needle and wear goggles...just in case.
These 13mm wide German plastic bones are 1mm thick.  Also known as "Synthetic Whalebones" this size can be used for many corset projects, however don't consider this for any type of hoop or you will be disappointed. Spring steel is the best option for hoops.

A 20% discount is factored into the price of 50 meters.
German plastic bones are made of 56% polyethylene and
44% polyester

Need bone casing tape? Check out the options above.

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