Traditional Soufle Fabric Light Beige

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This is fabric to be used when you want it to look like there is no fabric. Think dance costume...imagine a velvet strapless bodice. The bodice would be risky if it were not for the use of soufle to create the shoulder coverage invisibly and sometimes the sleeves too. Soufle can be decorated with crystals or paint...or try embroidery!

6 shades available, this is the lightest and is for very fair skin.

  • 100% nylon
  • 150 cm (60 inch) wide
  • one way stretch (across grain - not along grain)
  • wash in cold water
  • hang to dry
  • press only with a cool iron
  • a bit more stretchy than the product of 20 years ago, but with good memory. 

Customer Reviews

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Actually works for people with extremely pale light skin on whom most of the lightest skin tones offered looks dark. I went on a heck of a journey trying to find something that didn't look like an accident with self tanner.

It does also work for people with light but not "victorian vampire white" and light-medium tones, as tested in real life by myself so far. I have not tested it in person on medium or deeper tones to figure out when it is too light and another color is needed.

This is not quite as invisible as one layer of the other soft mesh, which I was kindly offered as a replacement for when I needed more of this. Thankfully that also worked for what I was going to use this for.