Spiral Bones 7mm x 1mm by the meter

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SKU: 50-8007-96-5M
5 meters
$9.00 14
SKU: 50-8007-96-10M
10 meters
$17.00 5
SKU: 50-8007-96-25M
25 meters
$29.00 0
SKU: 50-8007-96-100M
100 meters
$135.00 9
Spiral bones - 7mm (more than 1/4" and less than 3/8") by 1mm - extra thick for extra support!

This just may be the ultimate spiral corset bone. At 7mm wide (not quite 3/8") these bone are almost standard width, but they are THICKER than the standard 1/4" spiral bone and a bit less flexible - offering more support than any other 1/4" spiral corset bone. They will fit 1/2" bone casing tape.
  • German made
  • 1 meter is 3" longer than 1 yard, need 5 yards - just order 5 meters and you'll have a bit extra
  • There are "U" tips available to finish the cut ends - be sure to order item 50-8007-tip as these are the only "U" tips that will fit. See them listed above.
  • The bone tipping dies DO NOT set these bone tips. If there is enough interest we will have bone tipping dies made, but they are not available for this size at this time
  • Need extra support and don't want the 7/16" (10mm) wide spiral bones - get these
  • When cutting these bones - remember, cut a wire on one side of this spiral bone, then cut a wire on the other side. Don't try to cut directly across the bone

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