Spiral Bones 5mm (3/16") by the Meter. European

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SKU: 91-8005-96-5M
5 meters
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10 meters
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SKU: 91-8005-96-20M
20 meters
$24.00 12
SKU: 91-8005-96-90M
90 meters
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1000 meters
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These spiral bones are new to Farthingales in 2024. Made in Europe they are being added to our Canadian spiral corset bone collection. 5mm wide is just a bit narrower than our 6mm bones (about 1/16 inch narrower). So, why narrower - just another option. They are slightly more flexible.

Sold packaged in pre-measured meter lengths 5m,10m 20m ( 1 meter is approximately 3" longer than a yard). Order the awesome 5mm aluminum "U" tips and cut and finish these bones to the exact size you want. Or you can order this same quality in pre-finished lengths.

Order 20 meters and save 19%.

Your source for spiral boning in Canada.