Nylon Mesh, Red

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Red nylon mesh for corsets and crinolines.
Sometimes called "Corset Mesh"; this fine nylon mesh is strong enough for corset making. This red corset mesh coordinates with our red coutil products.
Width: 140-150cm (54-60 inches) Content: 100% nylon

This product is sold by the meter. There are 100cm in 1 meter and 1 meter is 3 inches longer than a yard. There are four images of the red mesh; one shows a pile of red mesh to illustrate how intense the colour can be, the second shows a piece of white paper with a single layer of red mesh to the right, multiple layers of red mesh to the left and red coutil at the top. The third image has a hand beneath one layer of the red corset mesh and the fourth image is a single layer of red mesh on a white piece of paper next to the red corset brocade.