Hoop connectors, metal for 14mm wide steel
Hoop connectors, metal for 14mm wide steel

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Hoop connectors, metal for 14mm wide steel

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Hoop connectors make for easy hoops, these fit 14mm hoop steel.
These hoop connectors are engineered for our strongest steel which is 14mm wide (a bit more than 1/2 inch). This ultimate hoop steel can be used for Elizabethan Farthingales that support heavy fabric and for mascot bodies that see a lot of action. Strong but flexible you can still walk through narrow doorways and sit down without difficulty or misshaping.

NOTE: these can have a greasy residue left over from the lubricant during manufacturing. If they do; put them in a sink with some dish washing detergent and swish them around with hot water, then let them dry before using.

Hoop connectors
are used to connect the two ends of a length of hoop steel to create a complete circle - or "hoop"

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