Brocade coutil, rose pattern, black 56 inch wide

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Rose brocade coutil is our best selling brocade due to it's beauty. Black roses on black background. Make a corset or use it as a lining for a strapless bodice.

  • 260 grams per sq. meter
  • 59% cotton 41% viscose
  • 56 inches wide

Sold by the METER ( 1 meter is approximately 3" longer that a yard)

Customer Reviews

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Matthias Remillard
Gorgeous fabric, a pleasure to sew

I had never used coutil (or made a corset) before this project, so when I first got my hands on this fabric I was immediately taken by how thick it is! It has definite heft to it, and NO STRETCH; even barely any on the bias! It made the canvas I had used for my toile look like chiffon. The pattern on the fabric is subtle and elegant. I found it takes pencil marks pretty well even being black, and I was able to use the eraser to get the marks off too! When I ironed it gently to get the folds out from shipping, the fabric seemed to stiffen after cooling, but softened up again when I started manipulating and working with it.

The fabric was wonderful to work with, very stable, and I had no issues with it whatsoever. The resulting corset is sturdy and beautiful, and the best part is I have enough coutil left over to make another one!

Customer review

I really love this black rose print, and I can only find it here. Please don't stop stocking this!

Pamela M.
Subtle beauty

Creating a deep green silk velvet corset - this will be the perfect complementary liner.

Richard Crossman
top quality fabrics

The fabrics I purchased were exactly what I wanted and of top quality.