Bone Casing Tape, 15mm White (5/8 inch)

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SKU: 91-7215-01-5M
5 meter
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SKU: 91-7215-01-10M
10 meter
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SKU: 91-7215-01-20M
20 meter
$52.00 2
SKU: 91-7215-01-50M
50 meter
$91.00 20

Bone casing tape can be used for both corsets and cage crinolines. It looks like a ribbon but is actually a flat tube, into which you can slide a bone or length of hoop wire. This cotton bone casing tape is 15mm wide and made in Europe. It will fit our 6mm hoop steel and boning easily. 15mm is approximately 5/8 inch wide. See the products that work with this bone casing, listed above.

Sold by the meter in pre-packaged lengths. Save 30% when you order a full 50m coil.  Note: 50 meters is approximately 54.5 yards

Beautiful European quality!