06 Corset Front Closures PDF

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06 Corset Front Closures PDF

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100 page PDF book outlining 4 busk application methods, zipper closures and hook and eye closures for corsets.
The downloadable PDF book outlines and illustrates (through 100 pages) various methods of adding a front closure to a corset.
When peoplethink about front
closures for a corset they usually envision the metal loops and knobs of a busk
(even if you don’t know the term “busk”) and busks are the most common closure,
but they are not the only type of closure.

This PDF book will cover:


  • Standard busk with back placket/skin protector
  • Hidden Busks
  • Floating Busk
  • Buttonhole Busk Application and No Awl Method
  • Zippers
  • Hooks and Eyes












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