03 Bone Casings for Corsets

03 Bone Casings for Corsets

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50+ pages outlining several methods of creating corset bone casings.

This book outlines several techniques that can be used for the creation of bone casings
on corsets. It may be a surprise to know that bone casings alone can take 52
pages to discuss
. This book was originally Chapter 3 of my book “The Art of
Corset Building” and the first chapter of a section on “Functional Design
Elements”. At close to 500 hundred pages the book was too big to publish cost
effectively. Each chapter is available as a down loadable PDF, allowing you to purchase only the chapters you want or need.

This down loadable PDF covers: Interior and Exterior Bone Casings


  • Invisible bone
  • casings
  • On-seam and Mid-panel Bone casings
  • Decorative bone casings (piped, embroidered, trimmed)
  • Single and multiple bone casings
  • How to make bias tape
This book does not include "flossing".

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