Coutil Corset Fabric

We stock the traditional herringbone coutil and the more contemporary brocade coutil and satin coutil. Use herringbone coutil for the inside layer and brocade or satin coutil for the exterior layer for a very durable corset. The herringbone coutil that we sell is just as it was in the 1800's and is made by the same company that was making it then. Our NEW in 2023 "Light Coutil" is a larger more obvious herringbone weave with a lower thread count and looser weave - it comes in 10 colours.

Our coutil is sold by the Meter - one meter is approximately 3 inches longer than a yard

Please Note: Colours show up differently on every computer screen and some of our new images may not appear as they did on the old website. None of our coutil products has had a dramatic change in colour, but dye lots may vary slightly.