making a Regency Corset

The Regency Corset a.k.a. the Bridgerton Corset

The Regency Corset a.k.a. the Bridgerton Corset

Our Laughing Moon corset pattern number 00-Pattern-18 is a historically accurate Regency corset pattern and includes instructions for cropping it short, just as this corset style was worn in the Bridgerton movie.

This pattern uses coutil as the out layer and a light cotton lining, but you could use the coutil layer as the lining and add a fun or beautiful fabric for the outer layer...making this a great contemporary fashion piece! 

The pattern gives instructions for a closed front or a laced front (making it easier to get into by yourself). You could also use an opening busk! You'll find out how to apply an opening busk in our downloadable PDF entitled "Corset Front Closures".

Below is a list of items you may want if you are making this pattern. You don't need all of them! The size range of the pattern is extensive and the amounts below are indicated on the pattern for the long version and the largest size.

Look for the scroll bar at the bottom of the chart and scroll to the right for links to the items listed, if they are not visible on your page.

Item Name Quantity according to Pattern  Link to Item on Website
The Regency Corset Pattern  1 PATTERN Regency corset pattern
Coutil - choose the one you like. The matte satin in white is perfect for the time period.  1 METER will make the long corset and give you some left overs from the short one  Coutil - for the outer layer or the lining layer
Lining - if you are using the coutil as the outer layer you'll need lining as it is called for in this pattern. 1 METER will make the long corset and give you some left overs from the short's not as wide as the coutil so there may not be much left. Lining - A lovely light cotton which can also be used for petticoats.
Lacing - you can choose nylon braid which can be very pretty or you can choose 6mm wide satin ribbon...also very pretty! The pattern calls for 44 inches, which is an odd but obviously accurate amount. This is a bit more than 1 METER so you'll have some left over as we sell in 5 meter increments. Corset lacing - choose your type and colour
1/8 inch ribbon - pretty tiny ribbon and a size we don't stock. It's used to draw in the top edge - to avoid possible "pop out". So you do need it! You only need 1 METER  Sorry, we don't have this
Busk - there are two types; one that opens and one that does not. The pattern calls for the one that does not. The length is not given for the short corset and you need to determine the length for yourself as it will be based on the length of your corset.

You only need 1 busk.

A closed busk is just a piece of sturdy wood or metal.

An opening busk is an option if you are not concerned about historical accuracy and want convenience!

For the closed front Regency corset choose one of these. of these, they are lighter with more sizes.


Want to try an opening busk? Check out the options.

Corset Bones - information provided by the pattern is a bit vague on this. Basically...size and quantity determined by the maker.

To keep it easy you can use German Plastic Bones or Synthetic Whale Bone, as they are sold by the coil (smallest is 5 meters which is likely enough) - super easy to cut with scissors. If you want steel you need to make your pattern adjustments first.

Synthetic Whale Bone and German Plastic boning is easy to use but do come with instructions.

These products come in various widths. 7mm is standard but consider wider ones if you are a larger size.

Grommets - the pattern calls for 20 size 00 for the short corset (back lacing only). 

We sell grommets by the pack of 3 dozen and by the gross (144 pieces). You will need 2 packs of 3 dozen if you are lacing both the back and front. If you don't have a grommet setter...we have those too.

Grommets and grommet setters. Kits come with both the grommets and the setter!

Cording - the pattern calls for cording if you chose the "corded" corset. We do not have cording at this time. The exact length is not indicated.




That is about it! I'm hoping this chart makes it easier to figure out what you need. I thought about making kits but there are so many variables!

Here are two corsets/stays that I made from this pattern to illustrate my "thinking outside the box".


I used the short version to create this cream Regency Corset inspired - crop top. I admit I had not seen the potential for this until I saw the "Bridgerton" movie. I used cream rose brocade coutil, which unfortunately is no longer stocked. This was a small piece from my stash; small pieces were all that was needed! The center front panel is embellished with lace - another scrap from my stash, the colour was perfect. I had to add binding to the top edge as this pattern is cut quite low, as historic corsets often are. This alone is a good reason to make a mock-up of corset patterns first; I didn't, so I was left to find a solution. The binding is a quilting cotton and I added cotton lace beading to finish the look  (otherwise it looked very much like I had just added a piece at the top). I cut the cotton on the bias so it would shape nicely over the chest. I bound the edges of the rest of the corset with the same fabric but in a finer width. The top piece adds about 5cm (2") to the top edge. The skirt and jacket are made from a dress I found at a local thrift shop! Love when that kind of possibility occurs. I'm thrilled with how this Regency corset pattern translated into a contemporary look.

 I  used this same pattern to make a fun Costume Corset. You can read more about it on my blog post "A Corset & a Bustle that are NOT Historical".  Yes - this is the same pattern as the cropped corset above!


Thanks to Lasting IMpressions Photography - Stratford

and to model Olivia Walters


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