Bridgerton style dress

Regency Sleeveless Dress/Petticoat

Regency Sleeveless Dress/Petticoat

I loved the Laughing Moon pattern for a Regency "bodiced petticoat" and while I also loved the Regency dresses in the movie "Bridgerton", they would not lend themselves to modern day dresses (at least not ones I'd wear), which is how I envisioned this pattern. I love the simple cut and think it makes a perfect dress to just spend summer days in. I've created two versions (both sewn by Victoria Bruer) to illustrate this Regency "slip" - much as it would have been and how it can be a contemporary piece too. Note the beautiful back pleating!

Victoria also designed and did the hand embroidery, that beautifully embellishes the linen dress version.


Speaking of linen; the linen I used is our lighter colour but heavier in weight linen (8.45 oz. / 240 gsm). Click the word "colour" to find out more. For the cotton version I used our petticoat cotton in cream, we also stock it in white and in black - a black one would be stunning and the cream or white make a beautiful simple wedding dress! We opted to skip the pleats above the hemline but they would add a great opportunity for embroidery. We did include the bumroll, but it's not needed for a modern look.


Be aware that the linen version of this dress weighs noticeably more. The cotton version weighs .431 grams and the linen version of this Regency dress weighs over twice as much at .873 grams (I think that's about 1.2 pounds).

Just by coincidence the fitted bodice was perfect for holding fairy wings in place!

All photography by Lasting Impressions Photography of Stratford. She has a wonderful selection of back drops!

Model by Olivia Walters and Stanley

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