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A Corset & a Bustle That Are Not Historical!

A Corset & a Bustle That Are Not Historical!

One of the best things about costuming is the ability to just create something different - to get excited about something new. I get it - this is not quite street wear! Costuming can be about escaping and this outfit gave me so much pleasure to create. It was so cool to pull fabric left from many previous projects and find that they all coordinated! (click any highlighted text to find out more)

The corset is an altered version of our Laughing Moon Regency Corset pattern. I used view B the short version but I lengthened center front to accommodate a busk (to make it easier to get into). The foundation fabric is coutil - just basic black herringbone coutil. I embroidered the fronts and added heat set crystals. The straps are covered in scrap lace from my stash (that I found after I had done the embroidery) - there was barely enough, but where there is a will...there is a way! The ribbon ties were also made from ribbon in my stash and there were just 3 small pieces, which turned out to be just enough. I used black eyelets up the back and 6mm spring steel bones (1/4") on either side of the eyelets. There are very few bones in this corset. Thank you Victoria Bruer for doing the tedious binding that I would have never had the patience to do. And, yes the busk is not placed quite high enough and yes, after all these years I know better - but mistakes happen and I still love the corset despite the "booboo".   

The bustle is made from our Laughing Moon Victorian Hoops and Bustles pattern. As you can tell - I wasn't interested in traditional or historically accurate. The foundation fabric for the bustle is basic black herringbone coutil, just like the corset. The structure is created by hoop steel that has been tipped with "U" tips. You can find both by clicking on the link. The purple sequined fabric was purchased for a child's costume quite some time ago. Victoria Bruer graciously made the bustle - she loved working with sequin fabric! Okay maybe that's not quite accurate, apparently she's still finding little purple sequins in her carpet. Since you can't wear a bustle just by itself, it's worn here over a contemporary black knit mini skirt. Victoria also made the wonderful little fingerless gloves, the fabric is from...my stash, and there is now none left. 


Photos by Lasting Impressions Photography in Stratford

Model: Olivia Walters and the delightful Stanley

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