How To Cover Corset Laces

Covered Lacing Cord

You’ve just built an amazing purple corset with dark red accents and the only cording available is white or black – not what you want to finish your work of art. Try covering your cording to either match or co-ordinate with your corset. It’s a fairly simple process.

You will need a lacing cord that is twice the length you need to lace the corset!

Cut a bias strip of fabric, the colour you want, the desired length of your cord (approximately 3m to 5m) – you may have to piece the bias strips together. The bias strip has to be wide enough to cover the cord and allow seam allowances of ½” (13mm).

Fold the bias strip over the cord with right sides together and raw edges aligned. Start in the middle of the cord. Stitch across the cord to anchor the end of the bias tape to the middle of the cord.

Using a zipper foot, stitch along the seam allowance, stretching the bias tape slightly and stitching close to the lacing cord but not catching it. Back stitch at the end.

Trim the seam allowance down to about 1/8” (3mm). It will take some gentle effort with both hands to turn the bias tape right side out as you roll it back over itself and the cord until the it begins to cover the other end of cord. Eventually the length you had sewn the cord to will be completely exposed and it can be cut off.

You will still need to finish the ends.

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