How to bind crinoline edges

How to Bind Crinoline Edges

Binding Crinoline Edges

Tightly woven crinoline fabrics such as "paper nylon", "nylon voile" and "cotton organdy" are not a problem. The hem edges can simply be turned up twice and stitched, thus finishing the raw edge. Crinoline nets need only be cut as they will not fray and if soft will not poke or catch anything. However, the crinoline mesh is a totally different matter. Both weights of mesh are loosely woven of slippery threads that will easily fray. Binding them is the only option and the method of binding is important.

  1. Trim crinoline mesh to desired finished length.
  2. Cut bias strip 3" wide, of cotton. Do not use any delicate fabric.
  3. Fold bias strip in half lengthwise and press centre fold.
  4. Lay folded bias strip on right side of crinoline mesh, lining up raw edges together.
  5. Using a zig-zag stitch of at least 3/16" wide, stitch ¼" from the raw edges
  6. Roll the excess bias tape (folded edge) over to cover the stitching and around the raw edges. Pin into place.
  7. You then have a choice; hand stitch or zigzag again using matching thread. (Straight stitching by machine tends to cause a problem, that being the bound hem eventually pulls away from the fabric.) The hand stitching of the binding into place is the most attractive finish but also the most time consuming.

We used a very narrow zig stitch "in the ditch", catching only the mesh and the lower layer of binding.

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