Spiral Bones 11mm wide sold by the meter (European)

Sale price$16.00 USD
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SKU: 50-8011-96-5M
5 meters
$16.00 2
SKU: 50-8011-96-10M
10 meters
$32.00 3
SKU: 50-8011-96-20M
20 meters
$60.00 3
SKU: 50-8011-96-150M
150 meters
$397.00 0

This spiral boning is 11mm wide (3/8 inch) and 1mm thick, similar in attributes to the American version, but really clean and shiny. This bone flexes in all directions and is still quite supportive.

Get the "U" shaped bone tips that fit. See them listed above.

There is a 15% discount factored into the price of 150 meters

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