Petersham ribbon is a product. Some people call it grossgrain but not all grossgrain/petersham is created equal. If you want a ribbon to bind the edges of your corset be sure it has bumpy edges NOT smooth ones. Petersham ribbon does create a beautiful finish to corset edges. And it is a good option for the waist stay of a corset.

A rayon Petersham ribbon, this ribbon has more flexibility than polyester versions commonly found on the market today. This Petersham ribbon can be shaped to a curve and will cover the rim of a hat brim with relative ease. Use as foundation for neck ruffs, to face a waist band - great for skirts without an actual waistband, use as the waist stay in a corset and to bind the top and bottom edges of a corset! The white is dyeable but everyone has varying success with the dye process.

Our ribbon is true "Petersham" ribbon; ribbed with a bumpy selvage.

Satin ribbon is an alternative to lacing cord for lacing your corset up the back. We stock only black, white and beige to co-ordinate with our coutil. Made in Japan this ribbon is 100% polyester for strength. It is not dyeable.

The grid, upon which the ribbons are photographed, is made up of 1/4 inch (approximately 6mm)squares