Hat wire/millinery wire 16 gauge black 30yd coil

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Hat wire or millinery wire 16 gauge white in a 30yd coil. 16 gauge is the heaviest gauge of millinery wire that we stock, 21 gauge is the lightest.
If you need connectors for the ends of this wire, consider using our "shrink tips". Scroll up for a link.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Milligan
Hats off to this one!

Fabulous stuff! Supports brims of 24" hats made from only fabric. Good shape retention, but also bendable. I still wish for round spring steel, but this does a lot for me.

Kari Hagness
Great heavy wrapped wire

This is a useful wire for prop making as well as millinery, being heavy, formable, glue-able and sewable. The coil came quickly after it was ordered,
Thank you Farthingales