Hoop connectors, metal for 10mm wide steel

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Hoop connectors make for easy hoops. Use these with 10mm wide hoop wire/steel.
This item is custom made for Farthingales and engineered to fit our 10 mm hoop steel item 50-8405-10 (a bit wider than 3/8 inch).

Use these hoop connectors to create a hoop from a length of hoop steel. No tape or rivets required! These hoop connectors are suggested for McCall's Costume Pattern M7306

NOTE: these can have a greasy residue left over from the lubricant during manufacturing. If they do; put them in a sink with some dish washing detergent and swish them around with hot water, then let them dry before using.

A discount of 20% is factored into the price of 12 pieces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

A perfect fit for the matching steel. No tools required

Connor Olson

These connectors are very easy to use and are very well made!

Perfect for what I needed

Easy to put on and take off! Sturdy, and they hold well.

Matthias Remillard

These are very easy to pop on or off the hoop ends and look very professional! They are perfect for what I need, which is removable hoops so that I can travel with my hoopskirt and fold it up into a suitcase. When on the ends of the hoops, they fit securely and I do not worry they will pop off on their own.

White Octopus
So clever!

Exactly what I needed to repair a hoop skirt. Works so well.