Net & Corset Mesh

Crinoline Fabric | Corset Mesh | Nylon Netting

Our selection includes an array of corset mesh fabric, tutu net and crinoline.  Our nets are nylon and the mesh is a popular new corset making material. Crinoline fabrics are fabrics used for the construction of . . . crinolines! While originally made of horsehair they can be almost any fiber and either a woven solid, woven mesh or net. Crinolines were worn during various time periods beginning in the 1800’s and were of several different styles. Crinolines tend to be of "stiff" fabric and/or steel hoops as in the hoop petticoat and cage crinoline. Petticoats are not crinolines but were worn over top of crinolines and bustles. All of the fabrics listed below are nylon and may dye but are not guaranteed to do so. The image of red fabric with embroidery is an image of the red corset mesh with machine embroidery - think of the options!

Note" background grid is made of 1/4" squares (6mm).