Crinolin, Net & Corset Mesh

Corset mesh is strong enough for a corset that will see light wear (no tightlacing) and it's a wonderful option for crinolines. Something you may not takes machine embroidery well.


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fine nylon mesh, off white 56 inch wideNylon Mesh,  fine  - Beige
Nylon Mesh, fine - Beige Sale price$12.00 USD
Fine nylon mesh, feels like a organza but strong.Nylon Mesh, fine - White
Nylon Mesh, fine - White Sale price$12.00 USD
fine nylon mesh, black 56 inch wideNylon Mesh, fine - Black
Nylon Mesh, fine - Black Sale price$12.00 USD
Medium weight nylon crinoline fabricNylon Mesh, medium - Beige
Nylon Mesh, medium - Beige Sale price$13.00 USD
Crinoline fabric - strong and springy nylon mesh.Nylon Mesh, heavy weight Beige
Nylon Mesh, heavy weight Beige Sale price$15.00 USD
Medium weight nylon mesh, black 56 inch wideNylon Mesh, medium - Black
Nylon Mesh, medium - Black Sale price$13.00 USD
Corset mesh that can be used for crinolines. Medium weight meshNylon Mesh, medium - White
Nylon Mesh, medium - White Sale price$13.00 USD