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Herringbone Coutil Light 100% Cotton NEW
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Herringbone Coutil Light 100% Cotton NEW

Herringbone Coutil Light 100% Cotton NEW

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This herringbone coutil is a looser weave than our traditional coutil. If you like our usual tight weave and rather stiff coutil - you won't like this, but it's an affordable option for corset making. Great for the new corset maker, as it's easier to work with and less costly. Be aware the loose weave means it will stretch a bit, so this is not for tight lacing. A double faced cotton herringbone, I do suggest washing to pre-shrink this fabric before using. Width before washing is 157cm  (62inches)

I washed this coutil in hot water and dried it on high heat - just to test the shrinkage.

  • 1 meter length shrank 4cm!  (meaning 39" shrank by 2")
  • 1 meter in width shrank 1.3cm (meaning 39" shrank 3/8") Full width of the fabric is 154cm after washing and drying (60")
  • I would definitely wash this first, doing so really improved the structure in my opinion.
  • Press while slightly damp or use a damp press cloth.
This could make great trousers, waist coats and long skirts, a bit heavy for petticoats in my opinion. 320gsm 155cm wide (60"). Made in China.

Check out all the colours!

  • White
  • Cream - very subtle yellow tone
  • Beige - I could say "sand" but sand comes in many shades
  • Cinnamon - pale cinnamon
  • Brown - medium brown
  • Emerald - bright green
  • Medium Blue - looks a bit purple in the photo, but it's not. Think wedgewood.
  • Navy 
  • Steel grey - dark battle ship (it's almost a greenish grey)
  • Black