Coutil - Rose Brocade, pale blue roses

Coutil - Rose Brocade, pale blue roses

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A beautiful rose brocade coutil. The pale blue roses have a slight sheen and  look lovely on a matte pale blue background, making this a perfect lining for an evening or bridal gown (something blue!) - adding both structure and a pretty interior. This coutil can also be used for a single layer light wear corset. Combine it with herringbone coutil and you will get a super strong corset. Limited Quantity

Cotton viscose blend (background is cotton, roses are viscose).

  • 260 grams per sq. meter
  • 59% cotton 41% viscose

If machine washed in hot water expect a shrinkage rate of 6.25%. Press this fabric while it is still damp.

 The colour is a soft blue with and almost white background that has a slight blue tinge to it.

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