Laughing Moon Victorian Bell Hoop Petticoat Supplies

Laughing Moon Victorian Bell Hoop Petticoat Supplies

Here is a list of products you'll need to create View A from the Laughing Moon Hoops and Bustles pattern. The amounts listed are for the largest size - so you may have some product left over. Clicking on the product number on the far right will take you to the page that sells that item. Please note that you may have to order more than you need as we sell some of these items in pre-measured lengths.

 Not sure which pattern these are for? Here it is LM Hoop Pattern

 Petticoat Cotton  3 meters

White   46-7550-01

Cream  46-7550-05

Black    46-7550-90

Twill tape 1" wide 16 meters

White   04-7525-01

Cream  04-7425-05

Black    04-7525-90

Belting 1" wide 2 meters

White   26-7625-01

Black   26-7625-90

Buckle  1


11mm U tips  4 piecse 91-8016-11
Hoop Connectors 6 pieces 00-8400-11
Hoop Steel 16 meters 50-8405-10

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