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Lacing Bones


The lacing bones featured in the instructions are discontinued - there may still be a few on the "Sale" page. We have opted to discontinue stocking these due to the inconsistent quality we keep getting from the manufacturer.

What is a “lacing bone”?

A "lacing bone" is a flat strip of steel with rounded ends and several evenly spaced holes down the length of the strip. (See above.)

What is it used for?

A "lacing bone" is used in the center back of corsets to support the laces that tie the corset up.

Why would you want to use "lacing bones"?

By using lacing bones you will eliminate the problem of "popped" eyelets/grommets. The grommets/eyelets are set in the steel giving them a very firm foundation and solid grip on the surrounding fabric. There is no better way to support the center back of a corset for long term lacing or for "tight lacing".

How is a "lacing bone" used? How do I put it into a corset?

You will no longer need the two bones on either side of the grommets.

  1. Finish the center back seam as usual (you need two layers of fabric for the lacing bone to eventually go in between). Having first adjusted the back length to accommodate the lacing bones.

  2. With right sides out, lay the "lacing bone" on top of the corset back. You can use it as a template to mark your hole placement. Mark holes. Remove "lacing bone".

  3. Punch holes as usual.

  4. Slide the "lacing bone" inside the corset so all holes line up.

  5. Place a grommet or eyelet into the first hole going neatly through the outer layer of fabric, the lacing bone and the lining layer of fabric.
  6. Set the eyelet or grommet as usual. Note: if using eyelets do not use a washer.

      Right Side

      Wrong Side

      Lacing Bones come in three lengths, 7 ¾ inches (20cm) with 12 holes, 11 ¾ inches (30cm) with 19 holes and 14 1/8 inches (36cm) with 23 holes. They cannot be cut! They are made of chrome steel and are very hard; they will flex but not bend out of shape. The holes are only about 7/32 inch (6mm) in diameter. Our eyelets (series 50-8600-) and our #00 grommets fit these lacing bones. Purchase a set and test the fit with your grommets/eyelets.

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