Information for Truly Victorian Corset Pattern 1880's

The Truly Victorian 1880's Corset Pattern is a great starter corset pattern. The simple lines make it fairly easy sewing, however the instructions are not thorough so you need to have some understanding of corset construction or a stong sewing background for this project to go smoothly.

Materials are always hard to estimate for a corset since altering the pattern in length effects the length of bones and busk required. It's always best to make a mock-up to determin fit and length alterations needed BEFORE ordering supplies.

The pattern envelope suggests:

Coutil 1m

Busk 1 (based on the pattern it looks like a 14" would fit)

6m corset lacing

1-2 packages of extra wide double fold bias tape (6 meters or yards)

12-28 steel bones - lengths are not listed


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