Information for Laughing Moon Bustle and Petticoat

bustle of 1886 pattern bustle pattern petticoat pattern Stuffed bustle pattern Victorian bustle pattern

Victorian Corset with Petticoat circa 1870-1900,
Bustle circa 1886


No steels are required by this pattern however we used two 30cm spring steels down the length on either side to lessen the curve which developed down the backside and over the buttocks. Perhaps we stuffed the horizontal channels too full.

We used polyfill pillow stuffing purchased from a local fabric store and it took two bags.

Estimated sewing time: 5 hrs
Additional Materials: Fiber Fill/quilt batting (not sold by us)

Please Note: While this is a Laughing Moon pattern the bustle is not designed to fit under the Laughing Moon Victorian Skirt pattern.


Shown in cotton broadcloth walking skirt length w ruffle.
Estimated sewing time: 3 hrs



Pattern pieces include petticoat with two optional train lengths and bustle.

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