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How to Tip Corset Bones with the Farthingales Hand Press Tool

How to Tip Corset Bones with the Farthingales Hand Press Tool


Farthingales has developed special dies for use with their Hand Press eyelet setting tool. These dies can apply the aluminum "U" shaped caps to the ends of bones. Click HERE to see the hand press tool and dies available for purchase.
There are dies for both 6mm (1/4") bones and for 10mm (7/16") bones and can be used on both spiral and spring steel boning.


The white dies are for 6mm bones and the yellow dies are for 10mm bones

Slide the "open" die into the base of the tool


NOTE: the open end of the die faces the screw. The post of this die has a flat side - which also faces the screw

Gently tighten the screw - GENTLY. It does not need to be tight, just snug. Tightening too much can damage the die.


Slide the post of the "plunger" die into the top of the tool. The post of the top die has a flat side and this needs to face the screw that will secure it in place.
There is a groove in both the top and bottom die and the grooved sides need to .

face the same direction

Gently tighten the screw to secure the top die in place - GENTLY

Slowly press down on the lever of the tool to confirm the dies are aligned.


If you are right handed keep the lever to your left so you can press it down with your left hand - it does not take much strength. Slide a bone tip onto a cut bone, place the bone with the tip into the die so that the end of the "U" shaped bone tip is against the end of the die. SLOWLY press the lever down - DO NOT JAM IT down with force - there is no need and you risk damaging the dies.

Remove the bone from the dies and check that the tip is secure

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