Farthingales - a bit of History

Farthingales - a bit of History

Every once in awhile I find a file I haven't seen in ages and I came across some pictures the other day of some rather distant past work....it does not seem that long ago, but it is.

Some memories...

This was piece that I worked on with Liz Gerds who built it - she's an amazing seamstress. We had some great collaboration while I was in L.A. it was there that I was introduced to Burlesque and we had several clients from that field of entertainment. I often did the cutting and Liz the sewing, we developed the designs together. This corset is black lace over white satin with exterior bone casings, a floating busk and beaded fringe that moved beautifully.

This awesome neck corset was made for Farthingales L.A. by the notorious Sue Nice of Sue Nice corsets - another amazing seamstress who was in L.A. at the time. This is just one of several pieces she did for us. Most of them matched with corsets we made or that she made. 


The corset above is one of several pink satin with black lace corsets that Sue Nice made for Farthingales. The lace patterns matched perfectly on all of them - Sue pays serious attention to detail.


This is just one of our production corsets - in the day when we made 80% of the corsets sold, and made them on the other side of the wall from the retail space. It was a great set-up - too bad the economy crashed in 2008. The photo was taken during a shoot with an up and coming musician and the white guitar was a perfect prop. These basic black corsets were made as waist cinchers, under busts, and over busts - they flew off the racks as they created serious shape.

Farthingales L.A. has now been closed for 10 years...hard to believe.

You can now find books on how to make corsets on the Farthingales website, we no longer make or sell them, but focus on selling corset making supplies.


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