Zigzag wires - Wiggle bones - Collar wires 19cm long (7 1/2in)

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Zigzag wires - Wiggle bones - Collar wires 19cm long (7 1/2in)

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Invisible wire supports  a.k.a  Serpentine collar supports

For all of you not in theatre, and who have not been searching for the extinct zigzag wire; this product is an historical product used primarily for supporting ladies high neck collars in Edwardian times, when these were called "serpentine supports". Very delicate and flexible, these little wires were sewn into an organza casing in ladies lace collars. They supported the collar up the neck without being visible or adding any bulk or weight. Originally they were covered in a fine thread casing but those have not been made for over 18 years. "Farthingales" has had these wires reproduced of rust resistant steel without any covering. Rumor has it these little wires are perfect for puppet ears too, so don't limit their use to the traditional. We'd love to hear what you do with them.

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