Woven boning like Rigelene 8mm wide (5/16 inch) White

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This is not a good boning for corsets but it is a remarkable product for creating 3 dimensional shapes like "cages" for sleeve supports and it is stronger than many of the woven bones on the market. It's appropriate for children's costumes and bodices and one of it's great characteristics is that it can be sewn through easily.

If you're not making hoops with it be sure to order the "caps" so you can tip the ends easily - otherwise the boning does fray and leaves a prickly end. The cap that fits will have the same product number but includes a "C" in it. I've capped the ends even when I did make a hoop as it kept the overlapped ends neat.

A discount of 15% has been factored into the price of 45 meters

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