Synthetic Whale Bone 7mm wide

Sale price$12.50 CAD
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SKU: 91-8140-07-5M
5 meters
$12.50 6
SKU: 91-8140-07-10M
10 meters
$25.00 4
SKU: 91-8140-07-20M
20 meters
$50.00 5
SKU: 91-8140-07-50M
50 meters
$112.50 40

Synthetic whale bone is a light weight flexible boning that replicates the support of traditional whale bone. It flexes forward and back, but not side to side. This synthetic whale bone is 7mm wide (a hair wider than 1/4 inch) and only1mm thick. It's a bit lighter than our 10mm wide synthetic whale bone

This boning can be cut with scissors but not sewn through.

A discount of 10% is factored into the price of 50 meters