Nylon net veiling 300 cm/White

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This nylon net veiling is 300 cm (118 inches) wide and drapes beautifully; it is not at all poufy. Being nylon, means this veiling is dyeable - please note that not everyone has the same success with dying. This fabric is surprisingly strong considering how light it is. It reminds me of bobbinet - though it's softer and not made of cotton, it looks similia.

Note: the background grid is made of 1/4" squares.

We have professional tutu maker's who use a double layer to create tutu panties that support the pancake tutu. It seemed flimsy to me, but I saw the end result and was amazed.

Others have used this as the interior for evening wear bodices (think vintage 1950) as a super light weight lining that holds bones in place. Try using two layers to make a corset. Hint: cut one layer on the straight grain and one layer on the cross grain.

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