Hoop Steel 6mm (1/4 inch) wide x.6 mm thick

Sale price$14.00 CAD
Price Qty Qty Available
SKU: 50-8406-06-5M
5 meters
$14.00 10
SKU: 50-8406-06-10M
10 meters
$28.00 2
SKU: 50-8406-06-30M
30 meters
$84.00 2
SKU: 50-8406-06-50M
50 Meters
$120.00 4
SKU: 50-8406-06-100M
100 Meters
$224.00 25

This product is the same quality as our corset bones 50-8206-series. If you need custom lengths of corset bones you may want to purchase this product along with some "U" tips to cap the ends. Cut the lengths you need and have no wasted boning.

A discount of 20% is factored into the price of 100 meters.

We also stock 5mm and 7mm wide hoop wire, as seen in the 2nd image.

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